Aikyabharati Research Institute
Recognized by the University of Pune, 1992
National Integration through Culture & Literature
Electronic Media, Communication, Technology and Indian Languages
Innovative studies,
Comparative, Multilingual,and Cross cultural research, related various Languages
Language and Personality & character building
Prof.Dr.Durga Dixit,
Founder Director,
M A,B.Ed,Ph D

Aiming at our motto ‘Unity in diversity‘,cross cultural research, interactive activities based on various language speaking groups, language teaching, translation from and into various Indian and foreign languages and cultural publications are our main activities.
Trustee Body
Shri N.C.Joshi (Chairman)
DR. Durga Dixit (Pune) Director
Ad. Sunjay Kulkarni (Kopargaon)
Shri Shriram Kulkarni(Pune)
Shri Vikram Date(Mumbai)
Prof. Chandrakant Adawadkar (Nasik)
Pandit Vasant Gadgil(Pune)
1. Promoting National & International integration through languages
      and cultures.
2. Inter-active Studies and Research through Literature & Culture.      
3. Developing awareness and sprit of National & International
4. Planning and execution of various positive programmes in
      educational and cultural field..
5. Reaching effectively multilingual wider groups, to identify inherent
      uniqueness in diversities.
6. Personality Development , specially for girls and women.